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Team Manager software is a Windows based database drive application that helps you create a well thought-out game plan and all the  necessary game documents, including a Game Plan, Lineup game card, Score Book Sheets for each team. You can print Player roster lists for phone list, hat, shirt and pants ordering and tournament travel report.

You can create unlimited lineups. You can import hitting stats to help you decide on or in some cases justify, your lineup. You can have 9, 10, 11 or 12 defensive positions and bat as many as you like using EH, or Extra Hitter, positions.


The PRO version includes a league schedule generator, league standings, and a tournament schedule generation routines. You can create  HTML tables to insert into a league website to display every team, game results and standings. See www.MauiSeniorSoftball.com/teams and http://www.MauiSeniorSoftball.com/2019-standings-schedule.html.  

The Lineup

Lineup Planner


Create unlimited lineups, enter your team's players and the teams in your league. Print game docs and player rosters, send emails and much, much more.

You can define 9, 10, 11 or 12 defensive player positions and up to 16 offensive players in the lineup, however, anything over 13 in the lineup make some of the reports 2 pagers!

Your Team's Score Card

Your team's score card.

Print your Score Card make your score keeper'a job a breeze ... 

Your Opponent's Score Card


Print up your lineup cards for league officials.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan


Just put it on a clip board and hang in the dugout. If all goes as planned, your job is almost done! 

Eveyone know where they are playing and who is subbing and when. EH for our league is Extra Hitter. Notice the Batting Average, On Base % and Slugging % stats are listed. Helps justify all the decisions that went into creating your lineup!!

Courtesy Runner Grid


Does your league allow courtesyRunners? If so, you know they are out if on base when it's their time to bat! This might help. If the box following a players name is blank, get the column number above and the person in that spot in the lineup can run. "X" marks the never can run, the 2 indicates they can run if there are 2 outs and the 1 if 1 out. The * marks the closest player following the player needing a CR that can run but they may just reach home and be up to bat.

Lineup Card


Print Lineup Cards for all the officials and your opponent. How many lineup cards have you been given that you can just barely read. Or those you've given out that only you can read. Not any more. Crystal clear with Team Manager's printed lineup cards.

Post Game Results

Game Results and League Standings


After posting each days game results you can print league standings.

Check Your Postings


Check your work before you print or publish your league standings.

League Standings Report


The League Standings Report shows not only your position in the standings but other interesting facts ... total wins and losses, Score Differential or how much did you beat your opponents by, opponents total scores and each teams total scores.

Create League Game Schedules

Set Your League's Requirements


Create as many league schedules as you wish. Use them over and over by just making minor changes to the league requirements.

Check Your Work

Home Team Checker

Make sure each home team plays each opponent.

Visiting Team Checker

Each team should play their opponents as visitor as well.

Teams are Numbered

Sometimes it's easier to check using a number rather than a team name.

Finished Schedule

Finished Product


Completed League Game Schedule showing the date, time, division, the field location and who's home and who is visitor.. 

Introductory Overview Videos

Check out this video to get you started. 

Main Menu

This video will show you the main menu system and how to get around in the program.

Lineups Page

This video shows what all the buttons on the Lineups page do .... and there are lots of options!

Database Tables

This video will introduce you to the concept of database tables and how you can make changes to the posted information.

Game Documents and Reports

This video will show you how to access and print the game documents and other reports available.


Team Manager Software


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You will be directed to a download link once order is complete. After downloading the file create a folder called \T-M and copy the t-m.exe file into this new folder. Double click the file to start program.


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