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A Little About How It Works

Large organizations will have thousands of teams registered and it is from this list that I build the complete tournament schedule. When a member league hosts an Event they are assigned an Event Number. This number is is inserted into the teams records as they signup to participate. It is from this list of participating Tournament Teams that the Event's game schedules are generated

There will be groupings based on Gender, Age minimums and Skill Levels. These are grouped together into what I call Sets. The number of teams in the set  dictates the tournament format ... who plays who and when. Tournament Directors assign can change the grouping to combine Age Groups or Skill Levels if there are too few teams in the designated Set. This creates Pools within a Set. So in the Seeding round all teams in the Set participate against one another and in the Finals round the Set is divided into their respective Pools. So if you have 5 teams in the set where 3 are age 70+ and 2 are age 75+ the 5 teams will complete in the seeding round to decide placement in the Pool Play. The 3 70+'s will have playoffs and the 2 75+'s will have their own playoffs

As the Tournament progresses you can post game scores for each game. Those scores are used to determine standings. Seeding standings, which is usually the results from the first day of play, are used to determine Seeding placement for the 2nd day of Play. Once Day 1 is entered an HTML table is generated which can be uploaded to a web site which all participants can access to see the next day's schedule and their current standings. Again, after Day 2's game results are posted and uploaded Day 3's schedule is populated with the proper schedule. Ad following Day 3's games the same process is used and the tournament winners are announced.

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Learn More

Click on the button below to watch a video to get an idea of the screen layouts and some of the details of what's involved in creating a tournament schedule for 4 Sets or different Groups of teams. The web site HTML table that is produces and the PDF report you can create are displayed.