Let's Build a Set of Tournament Schedules


Who Are We

This is the first screen that appears when you start the program. The information contained here describes the organization, it's Director, contact information, web site, and a number of system settings. Obviously, the information doesn't change too often so from the Utilities menu, coming soon, you can uncheck "Show at Startup" and this screen will be skipped. You click on "Exit" to leave this screen once information is entered.


Events Information

You might have events you sponsor all across the country. This form is intended to let you designate a particular tournament schedule you want to work on. Much of the information about the event will only be available once teams register for the event. After selecting the event click on Exit to leave this screen.


Main Menu

This is the starting point of building a set of schedules for your selected Event. The button captions are self explanatory. "Teams" and "Players" refer to your master lists. You may have thousands of teams and 10's of thousands of players. These buttons give you access to those lists. "Tournament Schedules" is where the real work is done. More on this below. If you are working on one event and need to change to another just click on "Change Event", select the one you want using the navigation buttons at the bottom and once found click on "Exit". The same screen as above will appear but with reference to the newly selected Event.


Master Teams List

If you click on the "Teams" button you are presented with a menu and one of the items you'll often use is this "Browse" window. This is  very similar to an Excel screen. You can edit all the information clicking in or tabbing to a cell and make your changes which become permanent once you arrow or tab out of the cell.

One thought was to have a column labeled EventNo. A team's registration information could be copied to a smaller list of teams specific to an event based on this number.